Customer reviews are undoubtedly an incredibly important part of our digitally growing world. Platforms like Amazon are proof of the system in place, proving that the word of 100 strangers can impact your buying decision in a split second. The value behind customer reviews is without question, yet many companies oversee the goldmine of marketing potential that they are sitting on. Step in…User generated content (or UGC).

Whether it be images consumers have sent in or posted using your products or a raving written review on your website, the possibilities of transforming customer reviews into UGC are endless. The best part of customer reviews and UGC imagery… The content is already made (and also free 😉)! Repurposing customer reviews should be a no-brainer and here are just two of the main benefits:


A word that is becoming every day more important in the business world and imperative in developing promising customer relationships, customer reviews are the easiest step to take in mastering transparency. Whether it be about your products, your employees or your reputation, if you are following your company values every step of the way, that will be reflected by your avid consumers and will create that level of transparency that is so appreciated and necessary nowadays.

Human Connection

It goes without saying that as the world grows digitally, our human connections become lesser. We shop online, we stream online, we bank online, the list goes on and on. Promoting customer reviews and using real customer images is a way to bring human connections back into our customer relationships. Getting advice straight from another consumer holds a much deeper impact than words written by a marketing specialist. It creates a magnetic sense of community and trust that is other times easily lost online.

Companies like Glossier, Saje Wellness and are excellent examples of integrating reviews and UGC within their marketing strategies and the impact is very clear.

So what are you waiting for ? Customer reviews and UGC content have proven time and time again to increase traffic, build dependability, and enhance conversion rates.