When thinking of digital ways to promote your brand, the main ways that usually come to mind are social medias, Email marketing, Paid ads etc.

That said, there is another effective way to connect with your audience on an emotional level, on a platform that allows you to engage with your community even when they’re not actively interacting with the platform.

I’m talking about creating branded playlists. These branded playlists that can be generated on Spotify or Apple Music will act as an audible representation of your brand’s product or services.

Making one or multiple music playlists will bring your brand to life and give it a personality.

Playlist marketing is an easy, free way to reinforce brand identity, increase brand awareness, and grow customer engagement by continuously keeping your brand in mind whenever your audience listens to your playlists!

Starbucks, Victoria Secret, GymShark, Nike Run Club, Mcdonald and Coca Cola are a few of the many brands that are already doing it. For example, for Gym Shark and Nike Run Club, the playlists reinforce the brand’s connection to both sport and music by creating curated working-out playlists.

Spotify playlists are just one tool to integrate in your marketing strategy that you should definitely be taking advantage of !

Check out our latest Apéro playlist we curated for one of our clients :