By Devon

Pinterest is an extremely useful platform that aids in building brands and converting potential clients. Although many consider Pinterest a social media platform, it is quite the opposite – it is a search engine. Because there is no chronological feed, pins have a much longer shelf life than a social media post. Pins can be relevant even years after being posted simply because it is still being pinned by others and searched for. In other words, when users engage with your pin, they are doing the marketing for you.


There are countless ways to use Pinterest to its fullest potential. 


Firstly, converting your Pinterest to a business account is key. There are numerous features that are only offered when it is a business account. The most important one is being able to analyze your content. Pinterest analytics show: 

  • Impressions (total number of times your pins were shown in the smart feed)
  • Total audience (number of people seeing or engaging with pins you’ve created that link back to your site)
  • Engagement (how many times your pin was saved, clicked to view, clicked to your site, or clicked on a carousel pin)
  • Engaged audience (the total number of people that have engaged with your content)


Secondly, organizing your Pinterest neatly is crucial. It is recommended that you create a minimum of 10 boards and post anywhere from 1 – 15 pins a day. Consistency is key with Pinterest. Thus, use the scheduling feature to schedule pins for the following two weeks.  


Focusing on your SEO (search engine optimization) will only benefit your account. To do so, use keywords. We recommend using strategic keywords that match your brand as well as the specific pin.  Ideally, you would be consistently using similar keywords. Pinterest will pick up on this and then match your keywords in specific users’ smart feed. Keywords should be shown in:

  • Profile name and description
  • CTA
  • Pin title
  • Pin description
  • Board names and descriptions
  • Words link in the URL slug
  • The name of the file of your pin graphic


Whether you are selling a product or service, ensure that you are showcasing more than just a sale. Create pins that show the more aesthetic and usage side of a product. This helps the consumer envision this product in their everyday life. Teach the user different ways of using the product or service. But most of all, demonstrate that you are selling a solution to a problem, not just a product.


Overall, Pinterest is an incredible tool and everyone should take advantage. Here at Anso Atelier, we have seen incredible growth in our clients’ Pinterest analytics by simply applying these tactics.