By Devon

As many of you know, Tiktok has taken over the world of social media. 

For individuals, Tiktok could be used to kick off or grow careers and for brands, to improve sales or brand awareness.

There are over 1 billion active users on TikTok monthly and these active users consume roughly 24 hours of content each month!!


Actually, it is seen that micro-influencers have the highest engagement rate, at 17.96%. This is proof that growing smaller accounts is definitely possible and has a promising future on this app.


There are few specific strategies that we use at Anso Atelier that can be used when making TikToks in order to benefit from the app. 


Firstly, introducing the video in an eye-catching manner which grabs viewer’s attention is the main goal.  Whether it be verbal or visual, it must intrigue the viewer.  Ideally, we want the viewer to stop their scroll and continue watching the TikTok.  

Think of using your niche to your advantage. If you’re a singer, start your TikTok by belting your favorite song. If your brand is beauty, begin talking while doing your makeup. etc. Any form of action will do the job. 


Secondly, ensuring that there is a hook is fundamental. This can usually be done verbally or with text. This is your chance to introduce the idea behind the video and the problem it is going to solve. The hook and the solution you’re offering go hand in hand. If you’re a sustainable fashion brand, you can explain how you have never been able to find clothing that is both trendy and good for the environment. If you’re a healthy food account, you can ask a question such as: “do you feel bloated more often than you would like?”, and then follow up by showing your recipes for debloating. 


Thirdly, make certain that each and every TikTok ends with a CTA (call-to-action). This is the simplest way to remind the viewer that they can interact with the video (like, comment, share, etc). The most popular examples of CTA’s on social media are:

  • Link in bio
  • Follow for more
  • Directing to website


Lastly, aiming for a high completion rate (the number of viewers who watch your video from beginning to end) is very critical. Making shorter videos certainly helps to achieve this. In fact, it is more beneficial for you and the algorithm to have 10 people watch a 10 second video completely rather than 20 people watch half of a 10 second video.


Although there are countless ways to utilize TikTok, these four factors are certainly the most paramount.  We have been integrating these tools into our clients social media and we have seen great growth. Although the pressure to succeed can be overwhelming, remember to always stay true and genuine to you and your brand.